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New Year brings New Thors.
Three New! Two Lacquer, & One Silver.
Lastly, One used in great shape!!!

MAW valves! We are now your source for Martin A. Wilk (MAW) valves! These valves are an exciting new advancement in valve technology. Available for Tuba and Trumpet! Tuba:$1250, Trumpet:$750 Call us for more information!

Newly added instruments

Type Brand Model Used Description Added Price
French Horns Conn F/Bb New The 11DE has a medium throat which provides control and focus of sound. It is slightly more open playing than the 10DE version. This horn features a Geyer style wrap with a more open style F branch which helps open up the sound. With Case. May 28 Call for Price
Trumpets & Cornets Bach Bb Used A lightly used Bach 37 with custom modifications by Schilke Music. .459" ML bore, Bach 37 Bell, Schilke Reverse leadpipe and full radius MTS bend. This horn is very responsive throughout the range of the instrument. Used, no case. May 25 $1,595.00
Trumpets & Cornets Getzen Bb Used A vintage #80 Getzen Bb cornet. This looks to be a predecessor to the Getzen "Super Deluxe" line of horns that came out in the early 70's. Used, no case. May 25 $695.00
Trumpets & Cornets Selmer Bb/ A Used A 1970's vintage Selmer 3V Piccolo Trumpet with a Blackburn Tuning-Bell modification. Classic "French" sound! .416" bore and 3.5" yellow brass bell. Used with extra Bb & A leadpipes. May 25 $595.00
Trumpets & Cornets Benge Bb/ A Used A mint, 1978 vintage 5X Benge 4V Bb/A piccolo trumpet. .420" bore, 3 5/8" yellow brass bell, short bell design. This is a wonderful horn that is very easy to play. Used w/ case. May 25 $1,395.00
French Horns Schmid Used Spun, Wide bell flare in lacquered yellow brass. Lacquer wear near throat. Give your horn a full, sonorous sound without sacrificing clarity. May 24 $500.00 On Hold
French Horns M. Jiracek Used M. Jiracek Natural Horn. Pitch: 440Hz, or with adapter, 430Hz. .460".Tuning crooks: C-alto, Bb, A, G, F, E, Eb, D, C basso, Bb-basso -adaptor for C- basso. Used w/ case. May 24 $3,425.00 On Hold
Tubas Yamaha BBb Used A used Yamaha YBB-103 3V 3/4 BBb tuba. Perfect for a travel tuba or smaller students. Used w/ case. 2 Available. May 24 $795.00
Trumpets & Cornets Miraphone BBb Used Miraphone model 670 in BBb is what people think of a contrabass trombone. Double looped slide and double loop bell section, and F Attachment trigger. The Miraphone stands out amongst all others! Used w/ case. May 24 $3,495.00
Trombones Olds Bb Used A Vintage Olds Recording Trombone. 8.5" Red Brass bell, .495"-.510" duel bore slide. Great studio/ commercial horn! Used, with case. May 24 $695.00 On Hold
Trombones King Bb Used A 1970 vintage King Liberty 2B tenor trombone. .481/,491" dual bore slide, 7 3/8" yellow brass bell. Horn is in good condition, great commercial sound! Used w/ case. May 24 $750.00
Tubas Yamaha BBb Used A used Yamaha YBB-321 BBb 4/4 4V tuba. In good condition and an excellent choice for someone looking for a good tuba on a budget. This horn has a big and warm tone, easy to play, and with good intonation. Used w/ case. May 24 $3,650.00 On Hold
Tubas Miraphone F Used Miraphone "Bel Canto - Solo" 5/4 6V (rotary) F Tuba. 16.5" bell,.772"-.835" bore, vented valve system. This horn is in immaculate condition, has a beautiful sound that is appropriate in chamber and orchestral settings. Used, no case. May 24 $8,995.00 On Hold
Tubas Willson Eb Used A lightly used Willson 3400 5/4 5V Eb tuba. Bore: .750" to .790" bore through the 4th valve; 5th rotary valve bore .830" Valves; 5th "Rotax" free blowing rotary valve. This is a great playing, Swiss-made tuba! Used w/ Cronkhite bag. May 24 $5,495.00 On Hold
Tubas Wurlitzer USA Eb Used 3V Eb tuba in raw brass. 12.25" bell, .600" bore. Evidence of past repairs, overall good working order. May 24 $495.00 On Hold

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