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MAW valves! We are now your source for Martin A. Wilk (MAW) valves! These valves are an exciting new advancement in valve technology. Available for Tuba and Trumpet! Tuba:$1250, Trumpet:$750 Call us for more information!

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New Year brings New Thors.
Three New! Two Lacquer, & One Silver.
Lastly, One used in great shape!!!

Newly added instruments

Type Brand Model Used Description Added Price
Euphoniums Yamaha Bb Used 4V non-compensating euphonium in silver plate. Great for beginning and intermediate players alike. Excellent condition! Includes case and mouthpiece. Apr 25 $1,495.00
Tubas King BBb New BBb Tuba - 4 pistons, front action, 20" bell. Lacquer finish, no case. Apr 25 $6,929.00
Tubas Jupiter CC Used Jupiter 1284 Symphonic XO 4/4 5V (4P+1R) CC Tuba. Dual radius tuning slide, in good condition. REDUCED PRICE! Don't Miss Out! With Jupiter case. Apr 25 $6,595.00
Tubas Meinl Weston BBb Used "Handy" model. 4/4 size, 4 valve rotary tuba. 15.75" bell, 0.748" bore. Lacquer is in excellent condition. Includes MTS case. Apr 25 $5,395.00
Trumpets & Cornets Schilke Bb New Schilke B5 Bb trumpet. ML bore (.460") 5" copper bell w/ #2 taper. Great projection, and very flexible with color and sound. Slight resistance. No case Apr 25 $2,845.00 On Hold
French Horns Conn Used Silverplated yellow brass 28D bell flare. Very minor plating wear near throat. Lawson/Alexander rings. Apr 22 $295.00 On Hold
French Horns Conn F/Bb New Conn 8D .468" (11.89mm) bore, 12-1/4" (311mm) large throat bell, all nickel silver, tapered rotors and bearings, fully mechanical change valve, adjustable levers, lacquer finish, 7BW mouthpiece, case Apr 22 $4,469.00
French Horns Conn F/Bb New Conn 10D. .468" bore, Geyer wrap double horn. Medium yellow bell. Compact, bright sound. Reversible 4th rotor. Responsive and flexible. With case. Apr 22 $4,459.00
Trombones Yamaha Bb Used .500" bore, 8" yellow brass one-piece bell, in good condition. A great instrument for a beginning trombone student! Comes w/ case. Apr 20 $200.00 On Hold
Tubas Krupse BBb Used Kruspe 4V BBb Tuba. .787"(20mm) bore, 3/4 tuba with 13.5" bell. Clockwork springs and S-linkages. In raw brass, no case. Apr 20 $2,500.00 On Hold
Euphoniums JZ New 4 in-line valve euphonium. Compare to a YEP321. Comes with a case and mouthpiece. Apr 20 $795.00
Trumpets & Cornets Bach Bb Used Early Elkhart Stradivarius. ML bore and 37 bell (Corporation stamp), and 3rd slide trigger. This trumpet has a Precision Valve Alignment from Bob Reeves! Lacquer in good condition. Includes Protec double case. Apr 18 $1,250.00 On Hold
Tubas Holton BBb Used Holton 345 BBb Tuba custom by Albert Houde. Bell, branches, 1-3 valves original Holton. 4V and 4V tubing added by A. Houde, they are Holton consecutive serial numbers! Great sound. in wonderful condition. Apr 15 $4,995.00
French Horns Hans Hoyer F/Bb New Hoyer G10 Geyer style, copies of the old Geyer's. Great playing horns, available in String or Mechanical linkage, detachable bell. with Case Apr 15 $4,935.00 On Hold
French Horns Conn Used Conn 8D bell flare. Apr 15 $350.00

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