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THANK YOU again for your patience and understanding this summer. Good luck to all who are heading back to school. Here's to a great year!

MAW valves! We are now your source for Martin A. Wilk (MAW) valves! These valves are an exciting new advancement in valve technology. Available for Tuba and Trumpet! Tuba:$1250, Trumpet:$750 Call us for more information!

Check out our updated Meinl Weston, B&S, & Hans Hoyer Pricing.

Please note that not all models are in stock. Please call for current inventory!

New Year brings New Thors.
Three New! Two Lacquer, & One Silver.
Lastly, One used in great shape!!!

Newly added instruments

Type Brand Model Used Description Added Price
Tubas Wiseman CC New Same as TU900S but in Lacquer: Compare this instrument to the B&S 3198, 5/4 CC 5V, .750", .792" bore, 19" bell, includes case. Oct 8 $5,995.00
Tubas Holton CC Used A Holton "Rusk Cut" CC Tuba. Hirsbrunner bell, Holton body and valve cluster. This tuba was in BBb and was cut down to CC by Bob Rusk. Oct 8 $7,800.00 On Hold
Tubas Adams BBb New Handmade Adams 4/4 5V (4P+1R) BBb Tuba. Bright silver plate finish. 17.72" (450mm) yellow brass bell, and multiple bore valve-slides (19-20.5mm). Includes case. Oct 6 $14,700.00
Trumpets & Cornets JZ Bb New JZ Flugel Horn w/ goldbrass leadpipe Oct 6 $495.00 On Hold
Tubas Cerveny BBb Used A used Cerveny 681 4/4 4V BBb Tuba. .787" bore, 15.75" bell. A great tuba for a great price! Used w/ bag. Oct 6 $2,495.00 On Hold
Trumpets & Cornets Courtois Bb Used A beautiful Courtois AC154 flugelhorn in great condition! 6.69" bell, .413" bore. Used, includes Courtois "french tapered" mouthpiece and case. Oct 6 $1,495.00
Trumpets & Cornets Yamaha Bb Used A Yamaha "Xeno" Professional Bb Trumpet in great condition! ML .459" bore, 4 7/8" bell gold brass bell and leadpipe, and heavyweight construction. Used, no case. This horn has is very easy to play and has a great sound! Oct 6 $1,195.00
Trumpets & Cornets Yamaha Bb Used A lightly used Yamaha Bobby Shew flugelhorn. 6" yellow brass bell, 0.413" bore, 3rd valve slide trigger, bright silver plate. Inclueds Yamaha case and Bobby Shew signature mouthpiece. This horn has a beautiful sound and is extremely easy to play! Oct 6 $1,350.00
Trombones Bach Bb/F Used Bach 42 Tenor Tombone with Hagmann-style open wrap F-attachment for a less resistant blow. One-piece, yellow brass bell, 0.547" bore. Even and open sound throughout all registers. Used, includes Bach case. Oct 6 $1,995.00
Tubas Kruspe BBb Used Kruspe 4V BBb Tuba. .787"(20mm) bore, 13.5" bell, 38" tall. Clockwork springs and S-linkages. Horn dates from turn of the century. In raw brass, no case. Oct 6 $1,995.00
Trumpets & Cornets Selmer Bb/ A Used Own a piece of Piccolo Trumpet history! This model, made in the 1960's by Selmer, was played by Maurice Andre for a majority of his career. Ideal projection, great tuning, centered tone, and easy to hold! Used w/ case. Oct 5 $1,750.00 On Hold
Tubas Miraphone BBb Used A used Miraphone 186 4/4 BBb Tuba. .772" bore, 17.7" Upright Bell, 4 Rotary Valve, Nickel Silver Leadpipe and Wreath.The horn has a beautiful, rich sound that carries very well and the intonation is right on the mark. Used w/ Altieri bag. Oct 5 $5,295.00 On Hold
Tubas JZ BBb New Large 4/4 sized BBb tuba in lacquer finish is perfect for all around large ensemble playing. "Classic" designed horn has 4 rotor valves of .812" bore and 16.5" bell Oct 5 $2,495.00 On Hold
Trumpets & Cornets Olds Bb Used As Olds stated in 1966 "A combination of re-o-loy, nickle silver, and brass adds complex harmonics to the tone as well as provides excellent durability. ML bore and lightnight fast vales, this is a great all-around trumpet! Used w/ case Oct 3 $349.00 On Hold
Trombones Bach Bb Used A great beginning trombone for a great price. Used w/ case. Oct 3 $275.00 On Hold

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