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Newly added instruments

Type Brand Model Used Description Added Price
Tubas Meinl Weston CC Used A used Meinl Weston 37 CC tuba in raw brass finish. This horn features five right hand activated rotary valves(flat whole stop 5v), a 16" detachable bell, and a .680"bore. Used w/bag. Sep 25 $3,895.00 On Hold
Tubas Meinl Weston BBb Used A used Meinl Weston 195 "Fafner" 4V rotary BBb tuba in lacquer finish. Features a .846" bore and 18.89" bell. Huge warm sound and great pitch. Used w/Altieri bag. Sep 25 $8,850.00 On Hold
Euphoniums Yamaha Bb Used A used Yamaha YEP 642S Neo in silver plate. Features an 11.75" yellow brass bell and a .586"-.654" bore. This horn is in fantastic condition and has superb intonation. Used w/case. Sep 23 $4,495.00
Euphoniums King Bb Used A late 1930's King 3 piston valve bell front euphonium in satin silver finish. Great condition! This instrument was originally at low pitch but has been cut to 440. The horn centers well with a nice focused sound. Used w/case. Sep 23 $450.00
Euphoniums Jupiter Bb Used A used Jupiter JBR-360 baritone in lacquer finish. Features a .531" bore, and a 9.5" bell. This horn will be great for a beginner! Used w/case. Sep 22 $450.00
French Horns Yamaha Bb/F Used A used Yamaha 667VS, with a ML size bell, a .472" bore, and detachable screw bell. This horn delivers a rich tone with superb projection and flexibility. Used, w/case. Sep 22 $5,499.00
Euphoniums Jupiter Bb Used A used Jupiter CEB-460 in lacquer finish. Features a .500" bore and a 9.5" bell. This instrument is excellent for a beginning student! Used w/case. Sep 22 $400.00
Euphoniums Jupiter Bb Used A used Jupiter JEP-468L in lacquer finish. Features a .570" bore, and an 11" bell. This is a good student level euphonium at an affordable price! Used w/Jupiter case. Sep 22 $400.00
Euphoniums Willson Bb Used A used Willson 2950UK in lacquer finish. Features a 0.590" / 0.661" bore, 12.20" yellow brass bell, large shank receiver, and a main tuning slide trigger for accurate intonation. Produces a full dark sound with great color. Used w/case. Sep 22 $5,495.00
Euphoniums Jinbao Bb Used A used JinBao 4 valve compensating euphonium in brushed lacquer finish. An inexpensive horn for a great price. Great for advancing students! Used w/ case. Sep 22 $1,395.00
French Horns Conn F/Bb Used A 1970 vintage "N Series" Conn 8D that is in good condition! .468" bore, Kruspe wrap, 12-1/4" nickel silver bell, nickel silver construction, the "Classic" horn sound! Used w/ case. Sep 21 $3,795.00 On Hold
French Horns Indiana Bb/F Used A used Indiana Model 267 double horn. This horn features a yellow brass body and bell, and a Geyer-style wrap. This horn has a compact sound with good projection and intonation. Used, w/case. Sep 21 $850.00 On Hold
Euphoniums Adams Bb Used A like new Adams E2 Selected model compensating euphonium in silver plate. This heavy weight model features a 12.2"(310mm) bell, 15mm(16mm at 4th valve) bore, and an adjustable gap receiver. Great response with a focused sound. Used w/MB case. Sep 21 $5,795.00
Trombones Holton Bb/F Used A used Holton 168 trombone in great condition! Features a .547" bore, and a 9" gold brass bell. This model has been played by trombone greats including Jay Friedmann and Frank Crisafulli. Used, w/case. Sep 21 $1,200.00
Trombones Olds Bb Used A used Olds Ambassador straight tenor trombone. This horn has some lacquer wear but is in great playing shape. A great selection for a young student player! Used w/case. Sep 21 $295.00

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