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Newly added instruments

Type Brand Model Used Description Added Price
Tubas Weril BBb Used A used Weril J980 4V BBb tuba featuring a .735" bore and 17" bell in silver plate. Minor cosmetic wear, great condition! Used, w/case. Nov 13 $1,999.00
Trombones Conn Bb/F Used A used Conn 70H single valve bass trombone featuring a .562" bore and 9 1/2" bell in clear lacquer. Some wear at contact points, used w/case. Nov 13 $1,399.00
Trombones Conn Bb/F/Gb Used A used Conn 111H dependent bass trombone featuring a .562" bore, 10" rose brass bell with tinted lacquer. Great condition! Used w/case. Nov 13 $1,750.00
French Horns Holton F/Bb Used A used Holton 378 double horn with .468" bore; 12-1/4" hand-hammered, yellow brass bell; large throat; .310 venturi of yellow brass; nickel silver slides inside and out; lacquered brass finish. Used w/case Nov 13 $2,695.00
Trombones Schilke Bb Used A used Schilke ST30 straight tenor trombone featuring a .500" bore, 8" bell, and nickel outer slide tubes. Comes with 3 leadpipes. Beautiful warm sound that is very flexible! Used w/case. Nov 13 $1,895.00 On Hold
Trombones Conn Bb Used A used Conn 78H straight tenor trombone featuring a .525" bore and 8" bell in clear lacquer finish. This horn is in excellent condition! Used, w/original case. Nov 11 $999.00
Trombones Bach Bb/F Used A used Bach 42 convertible f-attachment/straight tenor trombone featuring a .547" bore, 8.5" bell, lightweight slides, traditional wrap in silver plate. Used w/case. Nov 11 $1,200.00 On Hold
Trumpets & Cornets Yamaha C Used A used Yamaha "Chicago" first gen model C trumpet featuring a .462" bore and 4 7/8" bell. This is an excellent horn in excellent condition! Used w/case and long main tuning slide. Nov 11 $3,299.00
Trumpets & Cornets Bach Bb Used A used Bach "Stradivarius" Commercial Bb trumpet featuring a .459" ML bore, 5" one-piece hand hammered lightweight bronze #1 bell with flat rim in lacquer finish. Used, w/case and extra main tuning slide. Nov 11 $2,099.00 On Hold
Tubas Conn BBb Used A used Conn 22J 3 valve BBb tuba featuring a .770" bore and 24" removable recording bell. Silver plate with gold-wash in bell. Some cosmetic wear, used w/case. Nov 11 $2,100.00
French Horns Holton F/Bb Used A used Holton H150SB double French horn featuring a .468" bore and large throat detachable 12 1/4" bronze bell. Used w/case. Nov 11 $5,200.00
French Horns Finke F/Bb Used A used Finke Americus gold brass double french horn with Geyer wrap, large throat, and decorated valve caps and garland. This horn has some cosmetic wear but is in great shape and comes with an additional bell, leadpipe, and mouthpiece. Used, no case. Nov 11 $5,300.00
Euphoniums Jupiter Bb Used A used Jupiter 1020S 4V (3+1) non-compensating euphonium featuring a .570" bore, 11" upright yellow brass bell, and large shank receiver in silver plate. Excellent condition! Used w/cronkhite bag. Nov 11 $1,695.00 On Hold
Euphoniums Jinbao Bb Used A used JinBao compensating euphonium featuring a .595" bore and 12" bell in silver plate, main tuning slide trigger and gold trim. A beautiful horn! Used, w/case. Nov 11 $1,549.00 On Hold
Tubas York Eb Used A used JW York & Sons 4+1 valve Eb tuba in silver plate. Assembled by Bob rusk and converted to Eb by Randy Ulmer. Used frequently at the Radio City Music Hall at Rockefeller Center! Features a flat whole step 5th valve and a 15" bell. Used, no case. Nov 8 $7,500.00

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