Glenn Cronkhite has retired from the case making business.
We appreciate his many years of service and contributions to the industry! Truly a pioneer!

He officially had his last day of cutting this week.
The only bags available are what we have in stock and on order.
Give us a call to check availability on any bag.
There may be a future for the company and designs from another
domestic case manufacturer. There will be more details if we receive them.

Check out our updated Meinl Weston, B&S, & Hans Hoyer Pricing.

Please note that not all models are in stock. Please call for current inventory!

New Year brings New Thors.
Three New! Two Lacquer, & One Silver.
Lastly, One used in great shape!!!

MAW valves! We are now your source for Martin A. Wilk (MAW) valves! These valves are an exciting new advancement in valve technology. Available for Tuba and Trumpet! Tuba:$1250, Trumpet:$750 Call us for more information!

Newly added instruments

Type Brand Model Used Description Added Price
Trombones Bach Bb Used Bach 42 Straight bell section with a 36 slide. Has a more compact, brighter sound than the 42 slide. Very easy to play. Dates to mid 1970s, previously owned by ABQ founding member. With case. Jan 17 $1,150.00 On Hold
Euphoniums Besson Bb Used The Besson BE7065 Euphonium is well suited for every type of player. .580" bore, 11" bell, 4 non-compensating valves. Used w/ case. Jan 17 $1,495.00
Tubas Miraphone F Used A like-new Miraphone 5/4 181 6V (4+2 rotary) Premier F Tuba. This is the predecessor to the popular Bel-Canto Solo F Tuba. 16.5" red brass bell, .772"-.835" bore. This is the quintessential solo and orchestral tuba! Used, no case. Jan 17 $8,995.00 On Hold
Tubas Besson Eb Used A used Besson 983 in silver plate. An excellent do all tuba! Features a 4V front action compensating valve section, .618" bore, and a 17" bell. Used, no case. Jan 17 $5,995.00 On Hold
Euphoniums Schiller Bb Used A like new Berkshire Elite baritone horn in silver plate w/gold trim. Vibrant sound w/lots of color. .504 bore, 8.5" bell. Used w/case. Jan 16 $995.00 On Hold
Trumpets & Cornets King Bb Used A used King 601 Tempo II Bb student trumpet in silver plate. This is a durable horn that is perfect for the advancing student. Used w/ case. Jan 16 $295.00 On Hold
Trumpets & Cornets Bach C Used A lightly used Bach 229/25H C Trumpet. .462" bore, #229 Bell, 25H leadpipe. A great C trumpet, classic "Bach" sound, all for a great price! Used, no case. Jan 16 $1,695.00 On Hold
Trumpets & Cornets Bach Bb New The NEW Bach Stradivarius Commercial Bb trumpet .459" ML bore, Lacquer finish. 5" diameter one-piece hand hammered lightweight bronze #1 bell with flat rim. Also includes a modified #43 mouth pipe. Jan 16 $3,139.00
Trumpets & Cornets Getzen Bb Used A lightly used Getzen 300. This is one of the finest student trumpets ever made! Lightening fast valves and easy tone production. Used w/ case. Jan 16 $395.00 On Hold
Trumpets & Cornets Adams Bb Used A lightly used Adams A4 Bb trumpet. Featuring a 5.5' one-piece gold brass bell and a large, .470" bore, heavy chassis this horn is an ideal choice for a rich, warm, fluid, and thick sounding horn. Used w/ Adams bag. Jan 16 $2,495.00 On Hold
Trombones Olds Bb/F Used Olds Super 20 Single Valve Bass Trombone. Dual bore .547"/.562" slide, with tuning in slide. 9" bell. Great playing trombone with a fantastic vintage sound! With case. Jan 14 $995.00 On Hold
Tubas Eastman CC Used A used Eastman 632 in silver plate with four piston valves and one rotary. An excellent all around horn! Compare to the Conn 56J. This horn features a .687" bore and a 20" bell. Used w/gig bag and Schlipf practice mute. Jan 13 $4,550.00 On Hold
Tubas JZ CC New This full sized, yellow brass tuba has 5 rotor valves of .768\" bore and a 17.75\" upright bell. Jan 13 $2,495.00 On Hold
Trumpets & Cornets Kanstul Bb Used A lightly used Kanstul 1600 "WB" Bb trumpet. The Model 1600 was developed with Los Angeles big band and studio work in mind. 4 7/8" yellow brass bell, .460" bore, special "WB" mouthpipe. Used, no case. Jan 13 $1,695.00 On Hold
Tubas B&S CC Used A used PT6 CC tuba in silver plate with five rotary valves. This is one of today's most popular orchestral instruments! Featuring a .748”-.825” graduated bore and a 19" bell. Used w/gig bag. Jan 12 $9,995.00 On Hold

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