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Newly added instruments

Type Brand Model Used Description Added Price
Euphoniums Packer Bb New The JP374 Sterling is JP's flagship 4 valve (3+1) compensating professional level Bb Euphonium. .580" bore, 12" bell, Sterling designed leadpipe, lacquer finish. This is a great horn for a great price! Comes with case Mar 15 $3,399.00
Trumpets & Cornets Bach Bb Used A lightly used "Blueprinted" Bach 37G Bb trumpet. #37 bell in gold brass, 25 leadpipe, Pickett Brass valve caps, "Blueprinted" service by Osmun Brass. Classic Bach sound with great response and intonation! Used w/ case. Mar 14 $1,995.00 On Hold
Tubas Besson BBb Used A used Besson 994-2 4V BBb tuba in satin silver finish. This is a fully compensating horn with a small shank receiver. Features a 17" bell, and a 0.725" bore. Used w/Gard bag and a Schilke 67 small shank mouthpiece. Mar 14 $1,995.00 On Hold
Tubas Miraphone F Used A unique "Viennese-Valve" 3+3 Mirafone F tuba! This horn has a nice bright sound with great flexibility! Used, no case. Mar 14 $1,995.00
Tubas York CC Used A used York 4V CC tuba. 18.5" bell, .746" bore, and a Hirsbrunner valve block. This instrument has great response and an even sound! Used w/ case. Mar 14 $5,295.00
Tubas Conn CC Used A used Conn "Donatelli" 4V (piston) CC Tuba. 20″ bell, 36 1/2″ tall, .734″ bore. Made for Philip Donatelli, famous teacher of Arnold Jacobs! Used, no case. Mar 13 $6,495.00
Tubas Yamaha BBb Used A lightly used 3/4 4V (piston) BBb tuba. .689" bore, 14 3/8" yellow brass bell, gold brass leadpipe. Ideal for soloists and student alike who needs optimum control and tonal clarity. Used w/ case. Mar 13 $3,995.00 On Hold
Tubas Wessex Eb Used A used Wessex TE495 "Danube" Eb tuba. This horn features five rotary valves (5V flat whole step) a 15.75″ bell,and a 0.748″-0.827″ bore. The main tuning slide has been cut on this instrument to allow it to play to pitch with ease. Used w/case. Mar 13 $2,995.00 On Hold
Trumpets & Cornets Yamaha BB Used A lightly used, Wayne Tanabe modified, Yamaha 8310Z Bb Trumpet. 5" yellow brass bell, .445" step bore design, custom Z leadpipe in reversed configuration. Used, no case. Mar 13 $1,550.00
Tubas Meinl Weston CC New MW6450 Handmade Baer. 6/4 5V (4P+1R) .748"/.787"/.846" bore. 18.9" bell. Silverplate only. Special Order only. Mar 13 $33,576.00
Tubas Meinl Weston CC New MW5450 "Thor" 5/4 5V (4P+1R) CC Tuba. .748"/.787"/.807" bore. 18.9" bell. Lacquer finish, with gig bag. Mar 13 $15,274.00 On Hold
Tubas Meinl Weston CC New Same as 5450L in silverplate. Mar 13 $15,745.00
Tubas Meinl Weston F New Same as 45SLPL in silverplate. Mar 13 $13,465.00
Tubas Meinl Weston F New MW45SLP 6/4 5V (4P+1R) F. .748"/.787"/.768" bore. 16.5" bell. 2V tuning trigger. lacquer finish. With gig bag. Mar 13 $11,940.00
Tubas Meinl Weston CC New Same as 3450L in silverplate. Mar 13 $12,960.00

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