Due to the usual heavy influx of school repairs for the summer, our repair is closed for walk in traffic until at least Mid-August.

If you would like to sign up for our appointment waiting list, call us at 410-744-1723. We will call each person after our rush is complete and schedule same day service appointments.

Thanks for your understanding during this busy time!

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Newly added instruments

Type Brand Model Used Description Added Price
Tubas Schiller BBb Used A used 5V piston silver-plated Schiller tuba. It features an 18.75" bell, .825" bore, and extra thick brass tubing. This horn has a hearty, substantive tone with great slotting. Used, w/case. Jul 21 $3,295.00 On Hold
Tubas Gnagey CC Used A used "Gnagey" 4P1R 4/4 CC tuba in silver plate. This horn is made up from a King body/valve section and a York Bell. Assembled by Sam Gnagey. Used w/Cronkhite bag. Jul 21 $4,995.00
Tubas Besson Eb New A used Besson 982 4V compensating Eb tuba in silver plate. This horn is at home as a solo or large ensemble instrument. A favorite of brass band players! Used w/RB bag Jul 21 $5,795.00 On Hold
Euphoniums Adams Bb Used A used Adams Selected E3 euphonium. Features 12" bell, .590 bore (.629 for 4th valve), and .60 gauge. It is a rounder and darker than the E1 and E2. Used, w/case. Jul 21 $5,795.00 On Hold
Trumpets & Cornets Yamaha F/G Used A used Yamaha YTR-9710 F/G trumpet. This horn features a G and an F bell, and .445" bore. With exchangeable bells and a brilliant high register, the horn is fantastic for baroque performance! Used, w/case. Jul 21 $2,450.00
Trumpets & Cornets Conn Bb/A Used A vintage 1924 Conn "New Wonder" Bb/A trumpet. Screw stop mechanism on tuning slide allows it to be played in A. Used, w/case. Jul 21 $495.00
Trumpets & Cornets Schilke Bb Used A used Schilke B5L with an ML bore (.460"), an ML copper bell (5" with no. 2 taper) and a tunable bell. These horns are acclaimed for their exceptional intonation, response, and projection. Used, no case. Jul 21 $1,595.00
Tubas Jupiter BBb Used A like new Jupiter 482S 3/4 4v piston BBb tuba. This horn has a nice compact sound and is very easy to play. Features a .708" bore and a 15" bell. Used w/case. Jul 21 $3,395.00
Euphoniums Schiller Bb Used A used 4 rotary valve Schiller euphonium. Features 11.8″ Bell and a .591-.661 dual bore. Beautiful horn at a great price! Used, w/case. Jul 20 $950.00
Euphoniums Jinbao Bb Used A used compensating JinBao euphonium in brushed laquer. Features 3+1 valves, a 11.75" bell, and .590" bore. Used, w/case. Jul 20 $1,295.00
French Horns King Bb/F Used A used early 1940's King 1159 with a 12" bell and .465" bore. Somewhat tarnished silver plate, but otherwise in good condition. Used, w/case. Jul 20 $1,195.00
French Horns Yamaha Bb/F Used A used Yamaha 667VS, with a ML size bell, a .472" bore, and detachable screw bell. This horn delivers a rich tone with superb projection and flexibility. Used, w/case. Jul 20 $5,999.00
French Horns Conn Bb/F Used A used Conn 6D with a 12" bell and .468" bore. This horn is in excellent condition, with a few minor scratches. Used, w/case. Jul 20 $1,800.00
Tubas Kanstul Eb Used A used Kanstul 66 4P1R Eb tuba in lacquer finish w/rose brass bell. A great "do all" horn. Large enough for most ensemble work and light enough for solo and chamber works. Used w/Altieri bag. Jul 20 $4,750.00
Trumpets & Cornets Bach Bb Used A used Bach "Stradivarius" with a .459" Medium-large bore, hand-hammered #37 bell, #25 mouthpipe, monel pistons, and slightly worn silver-plate finish. One of the most popular trumpets at a great price. Comes with deluxe leather valve guard! Used, w/case Jul 20 $1,295.00

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